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Category Archives: Auto Accident


Who Is At Fault For A Rear-End Car Accident?

By Brezina Law |

Rear-end car accidents are some of the most common types of collisions on the road. However, that does not mean they are minor events. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 3,000 rear-end accidents caused fatalities in 2020. A rear-end accident occurs when one driver slams into the back of another vehicle. In most… Read More »

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Cell Phones Are Not The Only Distractions On The Roads

By Brezina Law |

Texting and driving, watching videos, or even just holding a cell phone in your hand while behind the wheel are all extremely dangerous behaviors. So dangerous, in fact, that Tennessee lawmakers have made it illegal to use a handheld device while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, drivers face many other distractions on the road that… Read More »

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