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Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Knoxville


While many car accidents are minor events in Knoxville and throughout Tennessee there are times when they are very traumatic and cause severe injuries. Even in a minor crash, accident victims may not know what to do or the proper next steps to take. Understanding what to do after a car crash is very important, as taking the right steps can help protect any future claim you may file. Below, our Knoxville auto accident attorney outlines the most important things to do after any crash.

Call 911 

Under state law, you must remain at the scene of the accident or you may face criminal charges. The only exception to this is if you require emergency medical treatment. Call 911 until local law enforcement or the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrives. If you did not already obtain medical attention, calling 911 will also ensure you receive any medical treatment you need.

Law enforcement will also conduct an initial investigation of the crash and file an official accident report. This is an important piece of evidence in your claim. If the other driver left the scene, known as a hit-and-run, do not pursue them but do try to get their license plate number.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately 

If you receive medical treatment at the scene of the accident, follow all of the paramedics’ recommendations. If you do not receive medical attention at the scene, visit an emergency room immediately after you leave the scene of the accident. Your health and well-being are the most important priority after a crash. Also, if you do not seek medical treatment, the insurer will argue that you were not hurt because you did not see a medical professional afterward.

Exchange Information 

Tennessee law also requires you to exchange insurance and contact information with all other drivers involved. Also locate any witnesses to the crash and exchange information with them, as well. Also obtain the names and badge numbers of any law enforcement officers that arrive on the scene.

Collect Evidence 

Some of the best evidence in car accident claims is found at the scene. If possible, take photographs of the overall accident scene, close-ups of the vehicles involved, and your injuries. Also take pictures of any relevant information, such as skid marks on the road. If you notice there are security cameras in the area, note the locations of them, as well.

Notify Your Insurance Company

 There is likely a clause in your auto insurance policy that you are required to notify the insurer of any accident you are involved in, even if you were not at fault. Only tell your insurer the facts you know, and do not speculate. Also do not tell them detailed information about your injuries, but do tell them that you are receiving medical treatment. If the insurance company representing the negligent driver contacts you, there is no obligation for you to speak to them at all.

Call Our Auto Accident Attorney in Knoxville 

It is never too soon to contact a Knoxville auto accident attorney after a crash. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, our experienced attorney will make sure your rights are upheld from the very beginning of your case so you obtain the maximum damages you are entitled to. Call us today at 865-500-3121 or contact us online to request a free consultation and to get more information.



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