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Knoxville Business Torts Attorney

Knoxville businesses face challenges from all sides. In fact, many businesses are harmed by the tortious conduct committed by individuals or competitors. These torts cause financial loss and possibly a loss of reputation as well. To fight back, you need an aggressive advocate in your corner. Contact a Knoxville business torts attorney at Atkins Brezina, PLLC to develop a gameplan.

Tortious Interference

Every tortious interference claim has at least three parties: you and someone you have a contract with, then a third party who causes a breach. For example, you might have a supply contract with a vendor. A competitor maliciously lies about your business reputation, which causes the vendor to cancel the contract. You can sue for monetary damages. Under Tennessee Code § 28-3-105, you have three years to bring a lawsuit.

Fraud Claims

Fraud can take one of several forms, but all fraud is based on material facts which turn out to be false. Some businesses enter contracts based on intentional or negligent misrepresentations which they otherwise would never have formed. If misrepresentations injured your company, you can sue the person who made the false statements.

Commercial Disparagement

A company’s reputation in the public eye is a priceless asset. Unfortunately, disgruntled ex-employees, customers, or competitors could trash your reputation using lies and innuendo. We can fight back by filing a commercial disparagement claim.

To be successful, we need to show that a person published a false statement, either online or in print or even by word of mouth. When they do so with the intent to cause damage, you can sue when you suffer losses as a result.

Insurance Bad Faith

Businesses carry insurance to cover all sorts of losses, including injuries on the property or business interruption. Every month, you pay premiums to the insurance company, expecting them to treat you fairly in the event you make a claim. In fact, Tennessee Code § 56-7-105 requires that insurers act in good faith.

Unfortunately, not all insurers follow the law. They might refuse to pay out a valid claim, dragging their feet and costing you money. An insurance bad faith claim can help our clients seek compensation from an insurer, as well as an additional amount as a penalty to deter future bad conduct.

Unfair Competition

There are many unfair and/or deceptive acts that business competitors can take which harm your company. For example, they might use a trademark or service mark which is confusingly similar to your own. They could also use trade secrets without permission or form illegal restraints of trade which benefit them.

Atkins Brezina, PLLC Can Protect Your Business

Competitors rarely acknowledge their illegal conduct, so gathering evidence is essential to bring a successful business tort case in Knoxville.

At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, we always discuss possible remedies, which often take the form of money damages but could also include injunctive relief. For example, if a competitor has stolen your trademark or is selling counterfeit goods, you can stop them by requesting an injunction as part of your case.

Call a Knoxville business torts attorney at our firm today to get started.

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