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Knoxville Construction Law Attorney

Buildings are going up all the time in Knoxville, with new homes and office buildings adding to the city’s footprint. With so much construction going on, contractors are in high demand and construction workers are finding more work than they can handle. All of this building is exciting and shows that Knoxville is one of the most popular destinations in Tennessee. But construction presents many legal issues, too, which contractors and owners need to be aware of.

A Knoxville construction law attorney helps with contract disputes or workplace issues involving the construction industry. This is a specialized area of law, but Atkins Brezina, PLLC, can help with your legal needs.

Building Our Reputation in Knoxville

In the ideal world, buildings would go up with a minimum of hassle. But the lawyers at Brezina Law have worked with contractors and project owners on many legal issues:

Contract Disputes

A construction contract should lay out specific information about the construction job, such as the work performed, deadlines, and the cost, among other details.

Disputes invariably arise over missed deadlines or failure to meet the specifications in the contract. Often, expenses balloon for reasons that aren’t really clear to the project owner. One side might withhold payment, or the contractor could abandon the project entirely.

A key consideration is the remedy to seek when the other side breaches the agreement. Generally, many clients request money damages as compensation, but in other situations we might argue for specific performance or the rescission of the entire construction contract. You should also work with a Knoxville business law attorney going forward so your rights are fully protected in any construction contract you sign.

Construction Defects

Defects not only make property unsafe, but they require additional expenditure to fix. Property owners often seek compensation to make up for the reduction in value of their property, as well as for necessary repairs. You should consult an experienced Knoxville construction law attorney for help assessing legal liability and seeking a favorable resolution.

Workplace Safety

Construction job sites must follow endless rules and regulations set by both federal and state authorities. Contractors need to think about how to minimize their legal exposure. Any accident on a jobsite could potentially open the contractor and/or site owner to legal liability. Noncompliance with regulations also creates the possibility of regulatory fines and building delays. You deserve your own lawyer who can review the legal landscape and how it impacts worker safety.

Get Assistance with Any Construction Legal Issue

Atkins Brezina is proud to offer full-service legal representation to contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, and others who have legal problems in need of resolution. Let us add value to any construction project by anticipating problems, drafting solid contracts, and analyzing your legal remedies when a dispute erupts. Our knowledge encompasses both regulatory matters as well as litigation in court to protect your interests. If you have a question, please call our law firm today to speak with a Knoxville construction law attorney in a confidential meeting.

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