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Knoxville Contract Attorney

Contracts are essential to any business, whether used with employees, vendors, or customers. One approach is to sit back and accept whatever contract the other side tenders. After all, reviewing contracts and negotiating changes is a time-consuming process, and most business leaders would rather focus on business strategy than combing their way through dense contracts full of arcane language.

Call Atkins Brezina, PLLC. The last thing you should do is simply accept the terms provided by a vendor or licensor. Instead, seek out help from our Knoxville contract attorney about revising, negotiating, and signing a contract.

Our Knoxville Contract Lawyer Can Help with the Following

Reach out if you need:

  • Bill of Sale. This document transfers ownership of property in exchange for payment. A bill of sale can be extremely simple or provide additional protections if you are making express warranties.
  • Construction contracts. Every construction project is different and requires its own type of contract. Atkins Brezina has experience negotiating and drafting time and materials contracts, lump sum contracts, unit price contracts, cost-plus contracts, and others. Do not leave your construction project to chance.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements. These agreements are used in real estate transactions and should include important information such as offer price and conditions. Real estate agents are not qualified to draft a detailed sale and purchase agreement. Instead, reach out to one of our lawyers for an agreement customized to your transaction.
  • License Agreements. A licensing agreement gives a party the right to use another party’s property, typically intellectual property like trademark or copyright. These agreements are necessary to protect each side and should identify what qualifies as permissible use, compensation, and how disputes will be resolved. Both licensor and licensee need their own legal counsel to ensure the license agreement works with their business objectives.
  • Separation Agreements. Our clients utilize separation agreements as part of a severance package with departing employees. Severance agreements are customizable to protect your company from harm to reputation or inappropriate use of trade secrets.
  • Letters of Intent. You can memorialize a preliminary commitment to do business with a letter of intent, which is a standard feature of negotiation.
  • Memorandums of Understanding. The negotiation process is cumbersome, and parties should memorialize any agreed-upon items as they work their way to a final agreement. We often use a memorandum of understanding to outline basic terms of the agreement before they are formalized in a contract. This document keeps negotiation on track and protects you.

Don’t rely on a legal document bank to provide templates. Instead, get a tailored contract to provide maximum protection to your business.

Your In-House Counsel—Only a Phone Call Away!

Contracting should not break the bank. Indeed, businesses form relationships that are mutually beneficial—and that principle should apply to your choice of law firm. An airtight contract will help protect your bottom line and truly represents a value-add to your business. For immediate legal help, please contact Atkins Brezina, PLLC today to speak with our Knoxville contract attorney today.

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