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Knoxville Real Estate Attorney

Atkins Brezina provides the Knoxville area with comprehensive real estate legal representation. Whether you are hoping to buy or sell a property, you deserve the support of an experienced attorney. Our services include protecting our clients’ rights by drafting real estate contracts using clear, precise language, fully aware of contingencies that might arise. We can also handle real estate disputes in or out of court. Call Atkins Brezina to speak with a Knoxville real estate attorney.

Decades of Experience in Real Estate Law

Our lawyers can help anyone with contract negotiation and drafting:

  • Buy-sell agreements. We can negotiate or draft a purchase agreement and related documents for a commercial or residential real estate transaction.
  • Fluctuating interest rates provide an opportunity for many of our clients to refinance their mortgages. We can advise you about your refinance options and review the proposed terms.
  • We have years of experience negotiating, drafting, revising, and reviewing commercial and residential leases. There is always a risk you get locked into an unfavorable lease, but we can negotiate to make the lease as favorable as possible.
  • Knoxville, like other cities, has a complicated zoning system. We can review your proposals for how to develop a tract of land and represent you before the zoning board.

Hiring a lawyer upfront often saves our clients headaches later. We can listen to your concerns and find legal solutions that work for you.

Contact Disputes & Resolution

Even the best drafted contract cannot prevent all disputes. Some real estate disputes arise after an inspection uncovers defects on the property. When dealing with leases, certain breaches by the landlord or tenant make continuing the lease untenable. Real estate contracts create enforceable rights between the parties, and you should fully understand your options.

Some contracts require mediation or arbitration as alternatives to litigation. Mediation can help parties resolve a dispute in a cost-sensitive manner with the help of a trained mediator. Our firm can devise a mediation strategy and represent your interests. We also understand the arbitration system and how we can use it to your benefit.

Some contract disputes involve:

  • Fraud and misrepresentation: the other side presented false information to induce you to enter the contract.
  • Nonperformance: either side might fail to perform their obligations under the contract. With a lease, this could involve failing to pay rent or make necessary repairs to the property.
  • Eviction: A landlord might need to force a tenant out of the property, and there is a legal eviction process in place which landlords must follow.
  • Foreclosure: Default on a mortgage typically leads to the lender foreclosing. Owners might be able to hang onto the property if they hire a lawyer to negotiate on their behalf.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Our Knoxville real estate attorney is available to discuss any real estate transaction or problem with your current lease. We believe in providing cost-effective representation that does not stint on quality. Call Atkins Brezina today to speak with one of our lawyers.

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