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Knoxville Medical Malpractice Attorney > Blog > Auto Accident > Common Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

Common Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Car Accident Claim


Car accidents have been on the rise in Tennessee over the past few years, making the chances of being involved in one even greater. Tennessee is a fault state when it comes to car accidents. As such, if you have been injured, you may be able to file a claim against the liable party. A Knoxville auto accident lawyer can advise on the steps to take to ensure you receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to.

However, there are also many mistakes you can make and these could place your fair settlement in jeopardy. The most common mistakes made in these claims are outlined below.

Failing to Report the Crash 

In Tennessee, you are required to report any accident that results in personal injury, death, or property damage that exceeds $400 in value. Even a minor accident can result in $400 in damage, even if it does not seem severe. As such, it is imperative that you report any accident to the police. Not only will this ensure you are in compliance with the law, but it will also document the accident, which can help prove your case.

Not Collecting Evidence 

There are many different types of evidence you can collect at the scene. These include photos and video footage of the entire accident scene, damage to vehicles, your injuries, and eyewitness statements. This evidence will also help strengthen your case so you obtain the full settlement you deserve.

Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention 

Seeking medical attention is critical to ensure your injuries do not worsen after an accident. It will also further document your injuries so the insurer cannot argue that you were not hurt or that your injuries were not caused by the crash. Likewise, it is important to follow through with all treatments and doctors’ recommendations. Otherwise, the insurer will argue you were not hurt as badly as you say.

Speaking to the Insurance Company 

Insurance companies use many tactics to deny or reduce the compensation accident victims deserve. They may ask you for a recorded statement so they can use your own words against you in the future, or they may ask you to sign a medical release so they can look through your medical records to find a pre-existing condition. If they find one, they will argue that you suffered from your injury before the accident, and that the crash did not cause it.

Waiting to Long to Speak to an Auto Accident Lawyer in Knoxville 

After a car accident, there are many things you will need to do. On the other hand, there are other things you should never do. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, our Knoxville auto accident lawyer can help you navigate the process and make sure no mistakes are made so the full compensation you deserve is not in jeopardy. Call us now at 865-500-3121 or contact us online to schedule a case evaluation with our experienced attorney and to obtain the legal advice you need.




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