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5 Stars

Michael was Exceptionally Helpful

Michael was exceptionally helpful and so very nice. He listened to me and apologized for not being able to help me in my situation. Would highly recommend Michael to everyone who needs a lawyer. Thank you for helping me understand my situation more clearly.

— Anonymous

5 Stars

You will not find a better attorney

You will not find a better medical malpractice attorney. Period.

— Joe Smith

5 Stars

Brezina is one-of-kind

Brezina is one-of-kind because he is able to do whatever needs to be done. He will also help whoever he can including the "little guys" like me, which makes him a remarkable lawyer! The "big guys" have him as their lawyer because they know he is one of the best!! He is helping me become one of the "big guys" and I am so blessed to have met him. I feel stronger now that I have him on my side to help protect me and not let anyone walk all over me, unless they want to be torn apart by Brezina in court. He reminds me of Boston Legal 😂. He is very professional yet has a great sense of humor which helps make the process not so bad. With my case we asked for what I was cheated out of $13,000 and punitive damages - which were awarded!! $25,000 the judge ruled, which is the highest possible amount he could. Winning feels great -so thank Brezina!!

— Haley Krotz

5 Stars

I will recommend him to any and all healthcare workers

If you want an A+ law firm, I highly recommend Michael Brezina. Michael went above and beyond in every way to help me out with my legal issue. Michael took the time on more than one occasion to explain the nuances to my case. It is very rare to find a lawyer that truly cares about the well-being of his potential clients. Not only would I recommend him to anyone looking for excellent legal representation, I will recommend him to any and all healthcare workers looking for expert legal advice. Stop searching anywhere else and contact Mr. Brezina if you need help.

— Michael Frank

5 Stars

We highly recommend using Michael and his firm

Very intelligent Attorney with character and integrity. Great experience and follow up. Made me feel like I was his number one client. Cannot be more pleased with his representation and his unwavering commitment to us. We highly recommend using Michael and his firm.

— Bill Biles

5 Stars

Outstanding Attorney

An outstanding attorney who is very personable and represents his clients well.

— Judge

5 Stars

This Lawyer is a Cut Above the Entire Field

Real simple: this lawyer is a cut above the entire field and I would go as far as saying he is a cut above the profession. I once recommended 2 clients to him with this guarantee; if they were not delightfully impressed with this guy and his work, just send me their bill and I would personally pay it. Neither client sent me the bill and I am sure that any potential client will never look for an attorney again.

— Troy

5 Stars

Unbelievably Great Lawyer!

Mr. Brezina exceeded my expectations in every aspect. He tirelessly worked on my behalf and kept me informed on all aspects of my case. He was instrumental in guiding me in my preparation and responses to all inquires. If I have a need for counsel in the future I have Mr. Brezina on speed dial!

— Stephen

5 Stars

Extremely Responsive Attorney

Responsiveness is such an important part of a legal issue. I have known Michael for more than 5 years. He is very concerned about YOUR situation. He puts his heart into comfort and reassurance. He is also very honest in what he thinks the outcome may be. He WILL NOT tell you what you want to hear in order to bill more hours. You will find that Michael has the ability to make your situation as his priority.

— Roberta

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