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Knoxville Medical Malpractice Attorney > Blog > Commercial Litigation > What are the Benefits of Trademark Registration?

What are the Benefits of Trademark Registration?


As a business owner, your trademark is one of the most important pieces of property you own. Unfortunately, you may find at some time that someone infringes on your trademark and you have to consider taking legal action. You may still have legal options if someone infringes on your trademark and it is not registered. However, registering your trademark makes it easier, and there are other benefits to the process, as well. Below, our Knoxville commercial litigation attorney explains more.

The Benefits of Registering Your Trademark 

Your business can benefit in several ways by registering your trademark. These include:

  • Legal protections: Registering your trademark gives you the exclusive right to use it for the products or services outlined in the registration. This can help ensure that other parties do not use a similar mark that could cause confusion among customers.
  • Brand recognition: Trademark registration makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand and the products and services you sell.
  • Deterring infringement: Simply having a registered trademark is a deterrent to people or companies that may infringe on the trademark. It signals that you intend to protect your intellectual property rights.
  • The right to file a lawsuit: If your trademark is registered, the civil court will presume that you are the rightful owner of it. The court may hear possible infringement cases and determine the level of infringement and the similarity of the other mark.
  • National and state protection: You can register your trademark on a federal level, as well as within the state. Wherever you register your trademark, you will have protection throughout that jurisdiction.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Trademark? 

The cost of registering a trademark depends on the type you are registering. The United States Patent and Trademark Office charges a flat fee of either $250 or $350 per class of goods. In Tennessee, the cost ranges between $50 to $300.

What to Do if Someone Infringes on Your Trademark

 Trademark infringement is very bad for business. If you have been accused of violating another party’s trademark or someone has infringed on yours, quick legal action is necessary to ensure your rights are protected. It is important to work with an attorney experienced in commercial litigation who can advise on the likelihood of success in your case. Our attorney can review the important facts of your case and handle disputes regarding the marketing, design, location, and targets.

Our Commercial Litigation Attorney in Knoxville Can Help with Infringement 

Whether you have been accused of infringing on someone’s trademark or another party is using yours unfairly, our Knoxville commercial litigation attorney can help. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, our experienced attorney can devise the strategy that is best for your case and give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. Call us now at 865-500-3121 or contact us online to request a free review of your case with our seasoned attorney and to learn more about how we can help with your case.




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