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Knoxville Truck Accident Attorney

Knoxville’s exploding population means that more trucks are on the road than ever. Hauling more than 70% of the freight in this country, large tractor-trailers connect our city to the rest of the nation, including ports on the East and West Coasts. Unfortunately, these trucks can leave accident victims with serious injuries in collisions.

Atkins Brezina, PLLC, has cut its teeth on some of the more complicated personal injury cases in Knoxville. We are happy to help anyone involved in a collision involving a big rig, so call our Knoxville truck accident attorney to schedule a meeting.

Liability & Truck Accidents

Liability is the legal term for responsibility for a truck accident. In many cases, trucking companies are liable for accidents involving their trucks:

  • An employee drove negligently and caused the collision. Carelessness behind the wheel causes most accidents, and a trucker might drive distracted or intoxicated. Other examples of negligence include driving too fast, making an illegal lane change, or following too closely. In Tennessee, an employer is typically on the hook for any accident their employees cause while working.
  • The company failed to properly screen truckers during the hiring process. They might have hired someone without a CDL or hired a trucker with a history of accidents.
  • The trucking company failed to train or supervise its truckers. Trucking companies should remove dangerous or lax truckers from service. If they don’t, they could be liable for the crash.
  • The truck is dangerous due to a defect, like faltering brakes or old tires. The company that owns the truck must ensure it is safe to drive.
  • The trucking company fails to follow federal regulations. We have seen trucking companies pressure their employees to drive too many hours or overload the trailer.

Accident victims can submit an insurance claim to the trucking company for all sorts of damages, including damage to their car, as well as bodily injuries. Many victims seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, and other medical expenses. They should also receive financial compensation for pain and suffering.

In other wrecks, a different party could have liability, such as a freight company that loaded or failed to secure the cargo. Or a mechanic could be liable for failing to do sufficiently good work.

Liability can also be shared with the victim. For example, a motorist might have been speeding, which contributed to the accident with a big rig. Under Tennessee law, the victim’s comparative negligence can reduce the amount of compensation they receive in a proportionate manner. Depending on the facts, a motorist might not receive any compensation if they are too much to blame.

We Can Help

Trucking accidents send hundreds of people to the hospital each year with serious injuries. If you were involved in a crash, get the experienced legal help you need. Trucking companies will have experienced lawyers at their beck and call, and it’s hard to negotiate a fair settlement on your own. Call Atkins Brezina and speak to our Knoxville trucking accident attorney about your case.

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