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Knoxville General Legal Practice Attorney

In law, as in so many other areas of life, the trend has gone increasingly in the way of specialization. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, while we focus our expertise mostly in the areas of medical malpractice, personal injury, and business/commercial law, we haven’t forgotten the value clients receive from having a relationship with a full-service law firm that engages in the general practice of law. If you are in East Tennessee and need to talk with a lawyer for some general legal advice, you’ll find Atkins Brezina, PLLC, to be a valuable resource to get your questions answered. Below are just some of the areas we are happy to help you with. Give us a call at 865-500-3121, or contact us through our convenient online form.

Civil Trials and Appeals

If you find yourself on either side of a legal dispute that is heading to court, you need solid litigation experience on your side. Michael Brezina has more than 15 years of litigation experience in the private and public sectors representing plaintiffs and defendants across a diverse spectrum of legal areas. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, we’ll work to resolve your matter at the earliest stage possible that protects your rights and achieves the outcome you are looking for.

Wills and Estates

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, married or single, just starting out or well-established, if you have children or own any property, then it’s time to make an estate plan. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, we’ll take the time to sit down with you and understand your current needs and goals for the future, both for yourself and for those who come after you. We’ll draft the right set of wills and trusts to protect your assets during your lifetime and distribute them to your heirs and beneficiaries in a way that fulfills your desires in a sensible and tax-advantaged way.


If you’ve been named as an executor, administrator or personal representative of an estate, or if you are an heir or beneficiary concerned about your inheritance, Atkins Brezina, PLLC, can advise you and guide you through some of the more complex issues surrounding probate in the Knox County and East Tennessee courts. We’ll help with the most complicated tasks so probate can close smoothly and successfully, and heirs can receive their inheritance sooner rather than later, with minimal expense to the estate. If will contests or other disputes arise, our litigation experience will serve you well.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney can give another person the authority to act as your agent for whatever purpose you choose, from representing you in a major business deal or personal transaction to managing your investments and paying your bills for you while you are out of the country. With a power of attorney, you can stay anonymous while letting a friend or professional act on your behalf.

Durable Power of Attorney

A general or limited power of attorney lasts until its task is completed or it is revoked, or if the principal becomes incapacitated. A durable power of attorney remains active even if the principal loses capacity, making it an ideal legal instrument to draft in advance and handle any period of short-term or long-term disability that might arise. We draft durable powers of attorney now that lie dormant and only spring into action if and when you need them, so you can go about your daily affairs with peace of mind knowing you and your family will be taken care of should something happen to you.

For All Your Legal Needs in East Tennessee, Atkins Brezina, PLLC

Atkins Brezina, PLLC, is here to help when you need general legal advice or assistance handling a legal dispute in Knoxville and East Tennessee. Call our office at 865-500-3121, and let us help you with your legal needs.

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