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Knoxville Transportation Law Attorney

Transportation law is a busy legal field, testament to the central role the industry plays in our economy. Atkins Brezina, PLLC, provides critical legal services to market participants, including transactional and litigation services, as well as to those injured in transportation accidents. Whether you are taking a fresh look at contracts or seeking compensation for an accident, you should get solid legal advice to understand the proper legal course of action.

We have worked with railroad, trucking, and maritime industries, so our experience is vast. We are always interested in developing new business relationships while continuing to provide quality service to regular clients. Please reach out to a Knoxville transportation law attorney today to find out more about whether we can help with your legal needs.

Transportation Accident Response

Carriers need immediate assistance with accident response. Our firm can jump into action helping carriers and their insurers with investigating an accident scene and crafting a defense strategy. We can also coordinate with police and national investigation boards to gather all relevant facts and provide requested information. Our firm has worked with accident reconstruction experts to help visualize what happened, which is a central concern when allocating legal liability.

Transportation Litigation Defense

Carriers and their insurers need vigorous defense to transportation litigation involving railroad, maritime, and trucking accidents. Catastrophic injuries can threaten the financial viability of many carriers, especially those involving fatigue or drunk drivers, as well as negligent maintenance of vessels or trucks. Atkins Brezina can objectively review when settlement is in our client’s best interests and advocate on your behalf before a judge and jury.

Transportation Accident Plaintiff

Injured victims need compensation following transportation accidents. Whether you are an employee injured while working or a member of the public, you have important legal rights to compensation.

An attorney at Atkins Brezina can discuss your various options, including workers’ compensation or maintenance and cure. Members of the public can seek full damages for bodily injuries, emotional distress, and property damage, which might be included as part of a settlement with the defendant. No victim should fear whether they can afford an attorney, since Atkins Brezina represents personal injury plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis.

Transportation Transaction Work

The business lawyers at Atkins Brezina have the experience you need with contract drafting and negotiation. Our lawyers can work on warehousing agreements, motor carrier contracts, and freight broker agreements. We also work closely with clients to create internal documents, such as operation manuals. Without adequate attention to language, you could create legal obligations in these internal memos and handbooks that you might seek to avoid. Let us review your current legal documents or create new ones from scratch.

Your Transportation Law Team

Atkins Brezina’s full-service transportation law practice helps clients with whatever legal challenges they face. The industry continues to experience upheaval and an uncertain future, but the most proactive transportation companies will enjoy a market advantage. To begin a working relationship with a Knoxville transportation law attorney, please contact us by phone or email.

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