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Knoxville Railroad Attorney

The rail industry continues to play a major role in transportation in the United States, with more than two dozen railroads operating in Tennessee. Over the centuries, the rail industry has developed its own specialized body of law at both the state and federal levels, along with detailed regulations regarding operations and employment. The lawyers at Atkins Brezina, PLLC, can assist clients with navigating the legal landscape, including defending them from regulatory investigation or litigation.

Are you interested in finding out more? Call our firm to speak with a Knoxville railroad attorney about your case. We have helped many clients in the transportation industry tackle a variety of legal problems.

Our Capabilities

Railroad legal issues come in various shapes. Our goal is always to provide value to our clients and enable them to continue to thrive in this competitive industry. Our firm can help clients with:

  • Regulatory compliance. The rail industry remains heavily regulated, with layers of regulations piling up over the decades. Our firm offers counseling to clients on how new or old regulations impact their business and help them devise compliance programs.
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) enforcement proceedings. Any government enforcement proceeding risks spiraling out of control. Once you are on the FRA’s radar, then you must immediately hire an experienced attorney to act as your voice. Burdensome document and data production requirements are now the norm, but the risk of noncompliance is serious. We can provide objective analysis about your risks in any enforcement proceeding.
  • Our law firm can assist rail companies with vendor-supply agreements, transportation contracts, and other agreements. It is to your benefit to work with an attorney deeply experienced in transportation law generally, and railroad law specifically. We also provide analysis of possible breaches, which might lead to contract litigation.
  • Labor and employment. The rail industry has unique labor laws, which we can advise our clients on. Our firm is also prepared to defend clients in labor and employment investigations or legal actions. We can also assist with whistleblower protection issues under OSHA.
  • Disputes often proceed to litigation when a mutual resolution is impossible. Atkins Brezina, PLLC, can represent clients in federal and state courts, as well as arbitration panels on a variety of issues, including product liability, contract, or personal injury disputes. We excel at devising litigation strategies which account for a variety of client concerns, including risk and cost, as well as reputational concerns.

These are some of the most critical legal issues in railroad law. Our legal team can assist in these and other transportation-related legal issues if you call us.

Decades of Experience in Railroad Law

Atkins Brezina is proud to offer legal services to the transportation industries in Knoxville. If you reach out, we can explain more about how our services will help your company. Many transportation lawsuits are for eight- or nine-figures. You should not delay obtaining qualified legal counsel to begin strategizing a defense strategy. You can reach our Knoxville railroad attorney by either calling our firm or submitting your information online.

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