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Knoxville Radiologist Error Attorney

Radiology is a key part of modern medicine. With MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans, doctors can now see inside a patient, which allows for proper and timely diagnosis. Radiologists are a key part of any medical time.

Like other medical professionals, however, radiologists can make errors. These mistakes end up causing patients to endure unnecessary and painful surgery. Or, just as likely, the error results in a missed or erroneous diagnosis.

If you were hurt by a radiologist error, speak with a Knoxville radiologist error attorney at Atkins Brezina, PLLC. We might be able to sue a radiologist or hospital for malpractice and seek compensation to make you whole.

Types of Errors

A radiologist can make many mistakes, such as:

  • Misreading an imagining test, such as a CT scan or X-ray. Because of the misreading, a medical problem might be overlooked, or the radiologist will diagnose a problem when one doesn’t exist.
  • Failing to communicate. Radiologists can’t lose test results or fail to pass along information to a doctor. Some negligent radiologists lose patient information or become overwhelmed with work and neglect to communicate.
  • Failing to recommend additional diagnostic tests. When doubt exists about a diagnosis, a radiologist should recommend additional tests or procedures. Negligent radiologists will likely overlook this critical step.

These errors have many causes. Some radiologists are poorly trained or allow themselves to be overworked. Others allow alcohol or drug addiction to impair their professional performance.

How Radiologist Errors Harm Patients

Radiologist errors are not rare. According to some sources, about 3-5% of diagnoses are inaccurate. Many of our clients are injured when a radiologist error leads to delayed treatment. Consequently, they can suffer:

  • Metastatic breast cancer. Cancer spreads to distant parts of the body, which dramatically reduces the survival rate.
  • Bone fracture. Careless or negligence radiologists might not see a fracture, so broken bones are not set in time. Malunion, infection, and other problems result.
  • Unnecessary surgery. If a radiologist thinks he sees cancer, a patient might undergo surgery which was not necessary.
  • Some spinal injuries will degenerate without prompt treatment. A radiologist error could delay treatment, leading to full or partial paralysis.

Many patients victimized by radiologist errors end up needing even more aggressive treatment—more surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy—which could have been avoided. The pain and financial expense are enormous.

Legal Cases Against Radiologists

Like other medical professionals, radiologists must exhibit professionalism and skill. They breach this duty when their conduct falls below the acceptable standard of care, which is essentially how a reasonably careful radiologist would have acted in similar circumstances.

Under this standard, a radiologist does not have to be perfect. Some errors are unavoidable. However, any radiologist who is too careless or impaired should be sued. This is the only way to obtain valuable compensation and to keep the medical profession honest. If successful, a patient should receive compensation for economic and non-economic losses.

Contact Our Knoxville Radiologist Error Attorney

Michael Brezina has sued many medical professionals, including radiologists, on behalf of his injured clients. He offers a free consultation to anyone who suspects that a radiological error has harmed them. Contact him today.

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