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Knoxville Product Liability Attorney

As consumers, we expect the products we buy and use every day will be safe and work as expected. Unfortunately, dangerous products flood the market and end up hurting unsuspecting individuals. Some of these products explode or catch on fire due to a design defect, while others are missing critical instructions or warnings. The result is the same: injured victims who need compensation for their care.

Atkins Brezina, PLLC recognizes that companies that design and manufacture products owe the public a duty to sell only safe products. Sadly, hundreds of people are hurt every month when household products malfunction. Call us today to discuss your ability to obtain compensation with a Knoxville product liability attorney.

What Is Product Liability Law?

When people are injured by defective products, they can bring a case under product liability law for compensation. Our lawyers help victims preserve evidence that the product injured them and document their injuries. We can help anyone injured by defective:

  • Household appliances: toaster ovens and pressure cookers can catch on fire or explode.
  • Workplace products: computers, chairs, and other items in the workplace can injure you when they don’t work properly.
  • Ladders and scaffolding: construction workers are often hurt when ladders or scaffolding collapses beneath them.
  • Furniture: Defective furniture can tip over, especially bureaus, bookcases, and entertainment centers. Highchairs can collapse underneath a baby.
  • Clothing: Dangerous clothing can catch on fire, or children can chew off buttons and choke when they try to swallow them.
  • Other products: Any product sold in stores or online could be potentially dangerous. In fact, dozens of items are recalled every month in the U.S.

We typically seek compensation for lost income and wages, property damage, medical care, and pain. Products which explode, catch on fire, collapse, or otherwise malfunction can leave victims with painful injuries, such as concussions, burns, fractures, and more.

To succeed in a claim, we need to prove the product was dangerous and that it injured you. We often bring product liability cases for:

  • Manufacturing defects: Sometimes the manufacturing process produces a substandard product. For example, a weakness in the materials could make the product break, or missing screws or pieces could cause the product to fall apart.
  • Failure to warn: Some products cannot be made 100% safe, but the manufacturer should provide warnings to consumers. When warnings are missing or inadequate, the product is defective.
  • Design defect. Many products are made to specifications, but the design is faulty.
  • Negligence: A manufacturer might fail to use reasonable care when designing or manufacturing a product. Consequently, they are liable to those who are injured.
  • Breach of warranty: Products typically come with various express or implied warranties, such as the warranty of merchantability, which is a promise the product does not contain defects.

We can decide which legal theory best supports your claim for compensation.

Hold Manufacturers Accountable

Dangerous products cost the nation billions of dollars each year. Alarmingly, some manufacturers take no steps to protect the public when defects come to their attention. Let us seek justice on your behalf. Our Knoxville product liability attorney is available to meet in a free consultation.

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