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Knoxville Medication Error Attorney

Understandably, patients have a certain expectation level when receiving medications that they are the right medications and the proper dosage needed. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and mistakes happen. In many cases, these mistakes qualify as medical malpractice. Being given the wrong medication or the incorrect dosage can have catastrophic results. Patients are at risk of overdoses, severe adverse reactions, and worsening of existing health conditions. If you received the wrong medication or dosage, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced Knoxville medication error attorney as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Medication Errors

One of the most common causes of a medication error is when the doctor prescribes the wrong medication from the start. Taking the wrong medication could result in not treating the existing medical condition, and it could cause additional injuries.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes the proper medication, but the pharmacy gives the wrong one. Imagine a patient being given blood pressure medication who doesn’t have high blood pressure to start. That person could suffer adverse effects that cause their blood pressure to drop. They could suffer dizzy spells, seizures, and even die in some cases.

Another cause is when medication is not administered correctly. This error happens more often with medication given as an injection. Perhaps it’s supposed to be administered in the muscle, and the medical professional injects the vein instead.

While less common, mislabeled medication can occur. Sometimes the mistake happens at the manufacturer level, and they send the wrong drug in the packages. Other times, the error is on the pharmacy side.

Common Reasons for Medication Errors

There are multiple reasons medication errors occur. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Illegible handwriting
  • Mislabeled medication bottles
  • System errors
  • Errors with communication
  • Understaffed pharmacy
  • Outdated precautionary measures

Damages in a Medical Malpractice Case

Depending on the circumstances, you could be eligible to receive financial compensation for your damages. In general, damages in a medical malpractice claim could include:

  • Medical expenses incurred to date
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Disability-related costs and expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Wrongful death damages

To receive compensation, you will need to show the at-fault party is liable for your injuries. In a medication error case, you need to demonstrate you received the wrong medication and determine where the issue developed.

Hiring a Knoxville Medication Errors Attorney

When you work with an experienced Knoxville medication error attorney, we will conduct an investigation to determine where the liability is. In some cases, it’s easier as there is proof someone wrote the wrong prescription or dispensed the wrong medication. In other cases, it may involve a complex investigation. Do not attempt to handle a medical malpractice case independently. Let the Knoxville medication error attorneys at Atkins Brezina, PLLC, assist you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us review the facts of your case and tell you how best to proceed.

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