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Knoxville Fall Injury Attorney

Falls are a devastating accident for the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, seniors take a tumble about 36 million times a year, and these accidents cause a host of complications. When a resident falls in a nursing home, loving family members must consider whether negligence or abuse is to blame. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC PLLC, our Knoxville fall injury attorney can meet to go over the facts surrounding a resident’s fall to determine whether a claim for compensation is appropriate.

Why Nursing Home Residents Fall

Some seniors are simply unsteady on their feet and will fall even if there is no debris on the floor. Other elderly residents will actually fall because their hip fractures while standing.

However, nursing home negligence is often the culprit:

  • Clutter or debris on the floor could trip a resident.
  • Unsafe hazards such as cracked tiles, worn carpets, or spilled liquids can cause a resident’s feet to slide out from under them.
  • Missing or defective guardrails on a bed could contribute to a fall during sleep.
  • Understaffed nursing homes could allow a resident to wander around the property or elope off of it
  • An aggressive resident could attack your loved one and cause a fall.
  • Abusive nursing home staff could shove or pull a resident, causing them to take a spill.
  • The nursing home’s neglect or refusal to properly feed your loved one causes lightheadedness and a fall.

As a seasoned Knoxville nursing home injury law firm, we carefully review the facts surrounding the fall, always looking for evidence of negligence or abuse.

Fall Injuries in Nursing Homes

Residents can suffer serious injuries in a fall that require hospitalization or expensive outpatient therapy. Some of the more common fall injuries include:

  • Residents can fracture any bone they land on, including their wrist, arm, hip, or rib. Fractured bones heal very slowly the older we get, so this injury could require surgery or extended periods of immobility.
  • Head injuries. A resident could fracture their skull or cause bleeding inside the brain. These injuries can be fatal if not treated immediately.
  • Any traumatic blow to the head can lead to brain impairments. Someone with a concussion could suffer from mood swings, loss of memory, and impaired speech or coordination. Serious traumatic brain injuries lead to comas.
  • Spinal column injury. If a person falls on their back, they could fracture vertebrae or damage nerves. A herniated disc could lead to constant back pain.
  • Spinal cord injury. Any injury to the cord itself can impair movement or sensation, sometimes permanently. It is very hard for the elderly to rehab these types of injuries, and surgery could be risky.

Any resident who falls also suffers serious pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Some find it impossible to sleep as well as they did, and others need medication to cope with pain.

Contact Our Law Firm

Nursing home staff often have a ready excuse for why a resident fell and often blame residents for being unsteady on their feet. If you suspect nursing home negligence or abuse is to blame, contact us today. We offer a free, confidential case evaluation.

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