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Knoxville Economic Property Loss Attorney

Many property owners reach out to Atkins Brezina, PLLC, after suffering economic property loss due to pollution emissions or other toxic substances. Our firm leverages Tennessee nuisance law to protect our clients’ property from polluters, and we can seek compensation to cover the cost of remediation and economic loss. Although some emissions are unavoidable in a modern society, polluters remain legally liable for excessive or unnecessary emissions that lead to harm.

Other Atkins Brezina clients suffer economic loss due to burdensome environmental or land use regulations, which restrict their ability to develop a parcel and maximize its value. This type of economic loss might also be illegal under the law.

Contact Atkins Brezina, PLLC, to coordinate with a Knoxville economic property loss attorney. We can provide an overview of whether you will qualify for compensation.

Do You Have a Right to Compensation?

Pollution, illegal discharge, and accidents involving the transportation of hazardous materials can affect people in different ways. We usually think of people suffering bodily injuries after an exposure, but it’s also possible that your property is damaged as well. For example, pollution could make your home uninhabitable and require extensive remediation. You should not have to pay when a polluter is responsible for damaging your property.

At Atkins Brezina, we can:

  • Investigate possible sources of pollution and document the full extent of damage to your property. We can talk to witnesses, work with experts, and submit questions to potential defendants.
  • Coordinate with insurers to seek compensation for economic loss, where appropriate. We can identify whether a policy will cover this type of economic loss.
  • Analyze whether you can bring a public or private nuisance action against a polluter. The law in this area is complicated.
  • File a legal claim seeking compensation for your economic property loss, as well as any other legal claims.
  • Negotiate with defendants to obtain compensation to make up for your losses. Ideally, we can avoid litigation, where possible, and seek favorable compensation.
  • Litigate economic properly loss cases in court and present your case to a judge and jury. Litigation involves extensive preparation and strategy, which we excel at.

We can help clients injured by chemical spills, airborne pollutants, or toxic mold in their homes or apartments.

Some clients also contact us when environmental laws prevent the development of their land. Many onerous environmental laws can come into play, leading to massive economic loss when owners are deprived of the economic value of their property. At Atkins Brezina, we can review whether you might legally challenge this type of governmental taking.

Protect the Value of Your Investment

No one should quietly suffer the loss of economic value in property. Instead, reach out to our firm to discuss your legal ability to protect yourself and your investment. We have successfully negotiated settlements with defendants and have decades of experience litigating in a courtroom. If you have a question about a nuisance action or regulatory taking, please contact Atkin Brezina today to speak with a Knoxville economic property loss attorney.

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