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Knoxville Cyber Security Attorney

Digital privacy issues have grown in importance over the past 20 years. Complicated state and federal cybersecurity regulations have only added to the complexity, forcing many companies to spend more time than they want protecting their data. Atkins Brezina, PLLC, provides comprehensive cyber security services to our clients, which can include identifying risks while implementing customized policies to prevent data breaches. Call our firm to speak with a Knoxville cyber security attorney today about any data security concerns.

Meeting Your Cybersecurity Needs

Our team of attorneys brings deep experience to insurance defense cases. Our firm can assist with the following legal issues:

  • Data breach prevention and response. We can help your firm understand and implement best practices to keep confidential data secure, and we can assist clients with identity theft, data exfiltration, network intrusions, ransomware attacks, and breach notification. Any breach could have catastrophic consequences for your firm, so rely on our firm’s expertise with data breach remediation.
  • Regulatory compliance. Our clients must follow both state and federal regulations regarding personal data. Entrepreneurs seeking to grow a business are often at sea when it comes to technical, complex regulations of these sorts. Instead of attempting to figure out your obligations on your own, reach out to our team. We can help you understand which data protection regulations apply to your company. Many laws relate to health information and personal information. Penalties for violations are often shockingly steep. Hiring a lawyer protects your company and signals a good faith effort to comply with all regulations.
  • International compliance. Tennessee companies with international clients must follow data protection requirements from other countries. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is one of the most prominent, and Knoxville companies are covered if they offer services and goods to EU residents.
  • Government investigations. Government regulators often request sensitive data as part of investigations, even when your company is not the target. You might face disclosure obligations which are onerous. Atkins Brezina can help you respond to any data request, while protecting your company from further investigation or even court sanctions.
  • Cyber security litigation. Litigation in this field can take many forms, from fighting overbroad government subpoenas and document production requests, to defending your company in cases involving data breaches. Because these cases are often class actions, defendants could face massive monetary judgments against them. We can assist anyone in litigation following a breach or when intrusive regulation threatens your bottom line.

Are We the Right Firm for You?

Computers have revolutionized how companies do business, and data security issues will only increase going forward. Even small firms need to take proactive steps to protect their company’s data, including customer data. Do not rely on a general practice law firm, since they might not even be familiar with most of the data security laws that apply to Knoxville businesses. Atkins Brezina’s depth of experience in cyber security is hard to match, so please call our firm today to speak with our Knoxville cybersecurity law attorney.

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