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Knoxville Construction Litigation Attorney

Many things can go wrong with a construction project. So many parties are involved that cost overruns and missed deadlines are a reality for even modest deals. Most contractors dread calling an attorney, but legal help might be necessary so that a building gets completed.

Construction disputes threaten to inflate the cost of any project and might, when handled improperly, derail a construction deal outright. For assistance with your dispute, please contact Atkins Brezina, PLLC today. Our Knoxville construction litigation attorney will go over the relevant construction contracts and determine your legal rights.

Construction Defects

Although most defects on a construction site are minor, some are serious enough to support litigation. Some defects can undermine the integrity of the building, while others could put the owner in violation of the building code. Any deviation from the original building plan can constitute a workmanship defect. Litigants typically seek monetary damages as compensation, which can involve multiple insurance providers.

Change Orders

Change orders are often the cause of a construction dispute. A change order is an agreement entered into which changes the original agreement and therefore can impact the cost, deadline, and necessary permits. One party might breach the change order, or it could be poorly drafted, creating a dispute.

Stop Orders

Construction projects are halted for a variety of reasons, such as violation of safety codes or environmental codes. A stop order can easily lead to cost overruns, so sometimes our clients wish to fight it.

Payment Disputes

Parties can disagree about the payment schedule, as well as any hidden or surprise costs that arise during the construction of a building. A payment dispute can arise at any time and might bring a project to a halt until it is resolved.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Most construction litigation results in the payment of money damages, but parties might disagree as to which insurance contract will be responsible for paying. Insurers themselves might engage in bad faith practices which delay the payment of claims and can be sued for failing to follow their contracts.

General Contract Disputes

Disputes can arise over anything in the contract, from scheduling delays to arguments over the quality of materials used. Another key source of disputes involves whether to enforce an arbitration agreement.

Mechanic’s Liens

A lien is placed on property to secure payment for a debt owed. Sometimes, a contractor or subcontractor will place a mechanic’s lien on a project because they have not been paid. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, we can help clients with the filing or enforcement of this type of lien, or we can help you fight it. State law dictates certain deadlines and notices regarding liens.

Contact a Knoxville Construction Litigation Attorney for More Information

When a construction dispute appears on the horizon, all parties should seek immediate legal representation. These disputes can swallow up a project’s budget and lead to lengthy delays. Indeed, some projects are never completed due to litigation.

The laws regarding construction often change, and you need someone who keeps up with the changes. Call Atkins Brezina, PLLC today to schedule a time to meet.

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