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Knoxville Business Law Attorney

Knoxville businesses need a capable business law attorney at their disposal to help them identify legal problems on the horizon and deal with those right in front of them. Unfortunately, not every firm starting out can afford in-house counsel. When you need legal help, reach out to an experienced attorney at our firm.

Call Atkins Brezina, PLLC, if you have questions. We have worked with many startups to create foundational documents, business contracts, and employee agreements. And we have helped more established businesses with compliance and litigation. We are eager to hear more about your legal service needs, so contact a Knoxville business law attorney today.

Our Business Services

The Knoxville business community is incredibly diverse, with Mom-and-Pop startups occupying the same landscape as national and multinational firms. Atkins Brezina can provide legal solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Our law firm is responsive and available for anyone looking for legal advice related to the following.


A business without contracts is nothing but an empty shell. Atkins Brezina, PLLC helps Knoxville companies draft or negotiate contracts with vendors and clients, as well landlords, licensees, and others. The best contracts help avoid conflict later, but also provide protection in the event the other side breaches. We have helped clients in all sorts of Knoxville industries, so we understand the importance of an industry-specific contract.

Partnership Agreements

Once upon a time, partners formed a joint venture with only a handshake. Today, a savvy business leader relies on an airtight partnership agreement to determine the shape of the partnership. We can draft a partnership agreement to clarify the roles of each partner, as well as how profits will be distributed. Partnership agreements help reduce conflict and preserve the integrity of your company by planning for what happens if a partner dies or leaves.

Lease Agreements

Despite the rise of e-commerce, many Knoxville businesses retain a physical footprint. We can help review any lease for office or retail and negotiate for favorable changes. Leasing represents a significant expense for any business, and you want protection for unforeseen contingencies.

Employment Agreements

Employees are your company’s greatest asset. But employment litigation can drain any company’s profits, and disputes with employees only seem to be growing. Employees gain access to valuable proprietary information, like customer lists and trade secrets, so you should use agreements to protect your property. Contact us for help drafting a valid noncompete or confidentiality agreement.

Other Business Issues

Atkins Brezina can help with all your business needs, including copyright or trademark protection and entity formation. No matter your company’s size, legal problems arise with great frequency, and you should not have to spend hours searching for an answer online when we are only a phone call away.

Get Started Early

Many businesses only reach out to a lawyer when they see a lawsuit on the horizon. At that point, you are facing serious litigation expenses. We encourage members of the business community to take a proactive stance when addressing legal issues, so call our Knoxville business law attorney for assistance.

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