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Common Types of Defective Products


When you purchase a product, you trust that it will function properly and that it will not contain any defects that cause you injury. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for products to be defective and when they are, you can hold liable parties accountable for paying the compensation you deserve. Below, our Knoxville product liability attorney outlines the products that are most commonly defective and how you can obtain the fair settlement you are entitled to.


Trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles can contain defects that cause accidents that result in serious injuries or even death. Some of the most common defects in vehicles include faulty airbags, brakes, steering systems, tires, and seat belts. It is very difficult to determine when a defective auto part caused a crash, which is why it is always important to speak to an attorney after any accident.

Medical Tools 

The very same medical tools that are designed to protect people and their well-being are the same ones that can cause serious injury if they are defective. The most common examples of defective medical tools include pacemakers, implants, diagnostic equipment, and surgical instruments. When these products are defective it can result in internal bleeding, infection, organ damage, device failure, and more.

Children’s Toys 

When toys are not properly designed or manufactured, they can pose many dangers to children including the risk of strangulation, choking, and suffocation. Toys can also contain sharp edges or toxic materials that can cause children serious injuries. Some of the most common defects contained in toys include magnets, lead paint, and batteries.

Food Products 

Food products can contain a number of defects. Contaminated food can contain viruses, bacteria, foreign objects, and parasites. Listeria, salmonella, and e. coli can all cause food poisoning, while other defects such as glass shards can result in serious injury.


Cosmetics such as hair care, skin care, makeup, and personal care products can cause infections, allergic reactions, burns, and even cancer. Some of the most common defects in cosmetic products include formaldehyde, mercury, asbestos, and more.


Phones, televisions, computers, appliances, and other electronics can catch fire or malfunction due to defective batteries, wiring, and other components. Exploding, overheating, and short-circuiting are just a few ways defective electronics can cause harm.


Jackets, shoes, pants, accessories, and other types of clothing can result in serious injury or illness when they are defective. Clothing that contains defects can pose choking hazards or fabrics may be flammable. Skin rashes, chemical burns, and zipper entrapment are just a few injuries caused by defective clothing.

Our Product Liability Attorney in Knoxville Can Provide Sound Legal Advice 

If you have been hurt by any of the above defective products, or any other, you can file a claim against the manufacturer, designer, or seller that caused the defect. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, our Knoxville product liability attorney can determine who is liable for your injuries and hold them fully accountable for paying the maximum settlement that is justly yours. Call us today at 865-500-3121 or contact us online to schedule a free case review and to get the legal help you need.



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