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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Trial Vs. Settlement In Tennessee Medical Malpractice Cases: Knowing How To Choose Your Options

By Brezina Law |

If you or a loved one have suffered any type of injury, illness, or setback following a medical visit that was supposed to make you feel better, you are not alone. Thousands of claims involving medical malpractice are filed each year in Tennessee, resulting in over $80 million in paid damages via court judgments,… Read More »

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Medical Malpractice And Medical Device Failure: What Is The Difference, And What Are Your Legal Rights In Each Scenario?

By Brezina Law |

Unfortunately it is not rare for someone to experience adverse health effects after a medical procedure, hospital visit, or implantation of a device designed to improve one’s health long-term. Tennessee sees almost 2,000 health care liability claims filed each year, each alleging some type of negligence by a medical provider. At times, it may… Read More »

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