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Common Slip and Fall Injuries


A slip and fall accident can happen in an instant. Whether you are visiting a neighbor, shopping, or going to work, hazardous conditions on private or public property can leave you with injuries that can impact you for years to come. In some instances, the injuries resulting from a slip and fall can stay with you for the rest of your life. There are many different types of injuries you may suffer in a slip and fall. Below, our Knoxville slip and fall attorney outlines the most common injuries suffered in these accidents.

Broken Bones 

There is a great deal of force during a slip and fall accident and the bones in the human body cannot always withstand that force. Broken hips are very common injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents and these are very dangerous because they have a high risk of complications. However, bones in the rib cage, lower legs, arms, shoulders, and collarbone can also break during a slip and fall.

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Injuries to the spinal cord are very common during a slip and fall. These can include broken vertebrae, herniated and slipped discs, pinched nerves, and a number of other types of injuries. The higher up on the spinal cord an injury is located, the more severe the injury is.

Neck Injuries 

Damage to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the neck can cause a serious injury. One of the most common of these is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the soft tissues in the neck move suddenly and violently, which can happen during a slip and fall.

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

It is not uncommon for people to hit their heads when they slip and fall. This can result in a number of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions, coup-diffuse axonal injuries, contre-coup injuries, and hematomas.

Deep Lacerations

When a person falls on broken glass, debris, sharp metal, and other hazardous objects can result in deep lacerations. These cuts often require stitches to heal and these can result in permanent scars. However, these cuts can also damage the muscles, nerves, and other soft tissues under the skin.

Injuries to the Knees and Ankles 

A slip and fall can result in a twisted ankle or knee and these injuries range widely in severity. Strains and sprains are also quite common, as well as torn ligaments and muscles and broken bones.

Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Injuries 

Virtually everyone will try to break their fall by stretching their arms out and this can cause injuries to the wrist, elbow, and shoulders. Bones can break and soft tissues and nerves can also become damaged.

Call Our Slip and Fall Attorney in Knoxville After an Accident

If you have suffered the above injuries, or any other, after a slip and fall, you need legal help. At Atkins Brezina, PLLC, our Knoxville slip and fall attorney can provide it so you obtain the full and fair compensation you are legally entitled to. Call us now at 865-500-3121 or contact us online to request a free consultation and to learn more.



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